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on your path …

…through the exhibition you’ll come across ancient wisdoms like alchemy and astrology as well as world religions and their common magical roots. You’ll meet ancient peoples, witches and wizards, representations of spiritualism and occultism, and feel the reverberations of magical oscillations through the centuries until today.

Torture instruments and a “witch scales” remind us about one of the terrible witch hunts. Hearths and cauldrons, essences with healing powers, phials of Amazonian love potion, remind us of the great knowledge of remedies and herbs held by wise women and medicine men. The connection between magic and science is consolidated in the Fengshui Compass, or in the imaginary study room of the alchemist Nicolas Flamel (known from the Harry Potter books as the last owner of the stone of wisdom). A variety of riddles lie along the way, and the Magical Salon calls on you to participate.

Think out of the box
…find the solution. When you are able to understand and see the solution mentally it is called the “flow”. The muses kiss, inspiration, trance or enlightenment are just various steps to finding a path to success. It is not the eager contest, but the devotion that will spark the magic. Try it out!
There are various riddles and mind games awaiting you within the museum.  Try out individual magical games and be surprised what you can accomplish with your intuition.
In our petite shop you will find wonderful games as presents for family and friends back home…