Discover the WORLD of MAGIC

In the heart of Berlin, where locals and tourists alike are drawn to the historic buildings, great art and cosmopolitan feel of this truly international city, you’ll find the entrance to the MAGICUM: Where you’ll discover a poetic contrast to the hustle and bustle of the metropolis.

The MAGICUM – BERLIN MAGIC MUSEUM will carry you off into the secret world of magic: Let the collection of magical artifacts and tokens of ancient wisdom from around the world bewitch you, and send your imagination off on a journey through the centuries. You’ll see that there is more between heaven and earth than our modern day thinking lets us believe.

Try out your own magical energy and discover through our riddles and games the doorway to a kingdom of intuition and creativity. With its Magical Salon and gift shop, the MAGICUM invites you simply to relax and let yourself be inspired.

Dive into the sphere of witchcraft and magical powers, be confronted with mythical knowledge of both past and future, and let your imagination roam – with MAGIC to TOUCH & to DREAM.