Magicum Berlin Magic Museum

MAGICUM is the world’s first interactive museum of magic and mysticism.

Unique, exciting and magical!

The MAGICUM – BERLIN MAGIC MUSEUM takes you into the mysterious world of magic: Be enchanted by magic props from all over the world and testimonies of ancient wisdom, send your imagination on journeys through the centuries and experience that there is more between heaven and earth than our school wisdom can dream of …

Test your own magical powers and discover how to access the realm of intuition and creativity while puzzling and playing games.

Immerse yourself in the sphere of magic powers and witchcraft, encounter mythical knowledge about the past and the future and abandon yourself to your own imagination – magic to touch and dream.

Imaginative entertainment, information, inspiration and relaxation for Berliners and large and small national and international guests. Magic to touch and to dream. You will be amazed!

“There are more things in heaven and earth than your school wisdom dreams of”.

— William Shakespeare —

The topics in the MAGICUM

Alchemy and science

The connection of magic and science and the philosopher’s stone.

Myths and fairy tales

The magical in art, theater, myths and fairy tales

Astrology and pendulum

Experience that there is more between heaven and earth than our school wisdom can dream of …

Mysticism and magic

Exhibits from all continents playfully show the hidden connections between cultures, their mystique and magic.

Magic Show

World of illusions

Enjoy the half truth

Magic and cultures

Traditionally, magic is found in all cultures all over the world. We present this world from a lively and wonderful perspective. Wir präsentieren diese Welt aus einer spielerischen und wundervollen Perspektive.

Witches and witch hunting

Torture instruments reminds one of the terrible witch hunts

Ciro Marchetti

Ciro Marchetti, is a magician on the computer. His images and tarot decks give access into a dream world full of fantasy and symbolic

Tarot and singing bowl

Ask your questions of the tarot cards and then make water rise into the air from a singing bowl

Games and interactions

Our Museum has a special atmosphere, where both adults and children enthusiastically get involved in the action.


Magic show

Guided Tour

School class